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ALL Types of Certificate of Origin in Vietnam

Type of C/O in Vietnam Type of C/O Name of Form Description Preferential Non-FTA Form A GSP(Generalized System of Preferences) Form S Laos Form X Cambodia FTA Form E Asean-China …

Export-Import Regulatory

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Vietnam customs guiding on deposit as security for imported waste

General Department of Customs issued letter no. 3239/TCHQ-GSQLdated 24 May 2019  on management of Import waste and deposit as security for imported waste. The content is as follows: Responding to …

Vietnam Investment Regulatory

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Procedure of Application for newly establishing 100%-foreign invested company operating in duty-free business at airport (Noi Bai Airport)

Duty free business is a conditional business. Therefore, in order to go into operation, enterprises must fully meet the conditions and apply for a certificate of eligibility for duty-free business. …

Vietnam market insights

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Maket Research (2019): Technology changes face of Vietnamese tourism (part 2)

Online travel platform is an inevitable trend and continually developing The report on Southeast Asia’s e-economy carried out by Google and Temasek Holdings in 2018 forecasted that the online travel …

Export & Import Statistics

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Vietnam Customs Statistics in May 2019

For the purpose of widely disseminating the latest and most up-to-date statistics of export and import goods, the General Department of Vietnam Customs will announce statistics on export and import …