Import & Export Regulatory

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Remarks of importing kid toys in Vietnam

Import of kid toys must meet the following regulations: Pursuant to Article 9 of Circular 28/2014 / TT-BVHTTDL dated December 31, 2014 of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism …

Vietnam Trade Barrier

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13 special preferential import tariffs between Vietnam and other countries and territories in the world

Nos. Acronym Detail Regulation 1 ACFTA Vietnam’s special preferential import tariff for the implementation of the ASEAN-CHINA Trade in Goods Agreement for 2018-2022 Decree 153/2017/NĐ-CP 2 ATIGA Vietnam’s special preferential …

Investment Regulatory

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Online forms of invitation to bid for provision of non-consulting services according to the 1-stage and 2-envelope system

On June 30, 2020, the Ministry of Planning and Investment promulgates the Circular No. 05/2020/TT-BKHDT amending the Circular No. 04/2017/TT-BKHDT providing detailed regulations on selection of contractors through the Electronic National Procurement System. In …

Vietnam Intellectual Regulatory

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Regulation on Inspection, supervision of exported or imported goods that are subjects of intellectual property rights

Legal basis: Circular no.13/2015/TT-BTC Decision No. 2770 / QD-BTC Notification no.4769/TB-TCHQ Application Holders of intellectual property rights or authorized person shall submit an application to the General Department of Customs …