Declaration of cost shall be added to customs value instructed by General department of Vietnam customs

On 04 April 2018, The Department of Import and Export Tax  – General department of Vietnam customs issued letter no.1586/TXNK-TGHQ regarding Declaration of cost shall be added to customs value. The content of letter is as below:

To: Departments of provinces and cities,

The Department of Import and Export Tax has received problems from some local enterprises and Customs Departments regarding the declaration of additional adjustment fees (eg: CIC charges …) relating the transport of goods to the first import border gate on VNACCS / VCIS system. In this regard, the Department of Export and Import Tax has the following opinions:

– In case the Company enters the code of classification of value declaration is 6 “Applying the transaction value method”, it shall declare the additional adjusted amounts in accordance with the guidance at Point 1.49 appendix II issued with Circular No. 38 / 2015 / TT-BTC dated March 25, 2015 of the Ministry of Finance.

– In case the Company enters the classification code of value declaration is 7 “Applying the transaction value method in case there is a special relationship but does not affect the transaction value”, the declaration shall be made at the item ” adjustments “as follows:

+ Name code: (blank)

+ Classification code: “DP” (Enter the total taxable price calculated by hand)

+ Enter the currency code of the adjustment

+ Adjusted value: enter the total value of the adjustment

+ Total distribution coefficient: Enter the total coefficient of allocation of adjusted amounts (if any)

+ Box “details of value declaration”: enter summary of the amount of each adjustment, for example CIC (1,500,000 VND), THC (VND 3,000,000), …

Note: The system only accepts a single line declaration.

The Import and Export Tax Department notifies Customs Departments of cities and provinces to guide enterprises for implementation.



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