Customs agency guiding on declaring Korean CO (CO AK/VK)

General Department of Customs  issued letter no. 61/TCHQ-GSQL reply  to  Customs Department of Hai Phong city on Problem on declaring Korean CO

Regarding problems of not declaring information of packages and type of packages in box 7 on C / O form AK, KV, the General Department of Customs provides the following guidance:

1.According to the instructions in the form of certificate of origin of goods form AK and VK (KV) issued together with Circular No. 20/2014 / TT-BCT dated June 25, 2014 and Circular No. 40/2015 / TT -BCT on November 18, 2015, box 7 of C / O must declares the number and type of packages, description of goods (including quantity (if any) and HS code of the importing country); Information describing goods must be detailed enough for customs officer to check. Therefore, the information describing the goods on cell 7 C / O should be sufficient for the customs office to determine that the imported goods are goods declared on the C / O.

Pursuant to the provisions in Section 2.2.3 Decision No. 4286 / QD-TCHQ dated December 31, 2015, in case C / O does not display information on numbers and packages in box 7, but the customs office passes check and compare C / O with other documents in the customs dossier, actual inspection results (if any) and information on the electronic search page of the Korean C / O issuing Organization , If imported goods are goods declared on C / O, customs offices shall consider and accept C / O.

2.For problems mentioned in Document No. 15715 / HQHP-GSQL dated November 29, 2018 and Official Dispatch No. 16169 / HQHP-GSQL dated 6/12/2018: according to the documents attached to the above official letters, on the copy of the commercial invoice attached to the records of the relevant shipments showing information about how the goods are packed. It request the sub-department to base the above instructions to implement.

The General Department of Customs informs the Hai Phong Customs to know and implement.

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