The dossier and order of technical and environmental safety inspection of imported motor vehicles

According to Circular 03/2018 / TT-BGTVT (Effective from 01/03/2018), regulations on quality control of technical safety and environmental protection for imported cars belong to of the Decree 116/2017 / ND-CP issued by the Minister of Transport, this content is stipulated as follows:

List of Imports vehicles  must be certified conformable with corresponding national technical regulations and standards before customs clearance see here:

An application for inspection of new vehicles consists of:

a) The application form in Appendix I hereof;

b) A copy of the certificate of registration issued by a foreign authority;

c) A copy of the certificate of type approval of the tire, rearview mirrors, front lamps and windshield issued by a competent authority;

d) The original copy of the certificate of quality inspection issued by the foreign manufacturer to each vehicle;

dd) Copies of documents about assessment of the foreign manufacturer’s quality assurance conditions issued by foreign authorities;

e) A copy of the invoice;

g) A copy of the VIN decoder (for first type approval);

h) The original copy of the Information sheet of imported motor vehicle in Appendix III hereof;

i) A copy of the manufacturer’s technical manual;

k) A copy of the import declaration (for physical application) or declaration number and date (for electronic application);

l) A copy of the emission test report;

m) A copy of the safety test report.

Inspection procedures

1.Submission of the application for inspection

a) The importer shall submit an application specified in Article 4 of this Circular to the inspecting authority, whether directly or electronically. The importer must provide the documents mentioned in Point a through e of Clause 1 Article 4 (for used vehicles), or the documents from Point a through i of Clause 2 Article 4 (for new vehicles). The copy of the import declaration must be submitted when applying for inspection; the other documents must be submitted before the certificate of quality is issued.

b) An electronic copy of the manufacturer’s certificate of quality inspection shall be submitted online, and the physical copy shall be submitted to the inspecting authority before the inspection.

2.Receipt of application

The inspecting authority shall receive and check the application within 1 working day. If the application is satisfactory, the inspection authority shall give a confirmation in the application form. If the application is not satisfactory, the inspecting authority shall request the importer to complete it.

3.Vehicle inspection

a) The importer shall deliver the vehicles to the inspection site at the registered time.

b) The inspection shall be carried out in accordance with Clause 1 Article 5 or Point a through c of Clause 2 Article 5 of this Circular.

c) If the importer fails to deliver the vehicles within 10 days from the application date, the inspecting authority shall suspend the certification process, in which case the importer must apply from the beginning.

4.Testing sample vehicles.

For new vehicles, the importer shall deliver the sample vehicles to the testing facility for testing. The testing result is the basis for issuance of the certificate of quality.

5.Issuance of certificate of quality

Within 04 working days from the end of the inspection and receipt of adequate documents, the inspecting authority shall issue the physical or electronic certificate of quality as follows:

a) Issue the certificate of technical safety and environmental safety to each vehicle in the shipment using the template in Appendix V hereof. The certificate of technical safety and environmental safety issued to the sample vehicle shall have the text “Chiếc xe này đã dùng để thử nghiệm tại Việt Nam” (“This vehicle was used for testing in Vietnam”).

b) Issue a notice of non-conformity using the template in Appendix VI hereof and send it to the customs authority if either the emission test or safety test fails, the used vehicle fails to pass the test or is not registered in a EU country, G7 country or a country whose emission standards are equivalent to or higher than those of Vietnam.

c) Issue a notice of vehicle on the list of vehicles banned from import using the template in Appendix VII hereof and send it to the customs authority.

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