Ministry of Industry and Trade imposed temporary anti-dumping duties on Chinese aluminum products (highest tax rate of 35.58%)

17  Chinese businesses are imposed temporary anti-dumping duties  up to 35.58% when exporting aluminum products to Vietnam ….

The Ministry of Industry and Trade issued Decision No. 1480 / QD-BCT on the application of temporary anti-dumping measures for some aluminum products originating from China. Temporary anti-dumping measures will take effect from 5/6/2019.

Specifically, the Ministry of Industry and Trade decided to impose taxes on aluminum and products of aluminum, alloy or non-alloy, in the form of bars, rods, extruded, whether or not surface treated, either not yet further processed.


1.Commodity code (HS code) and current import tax rate

At the present time, goods subject to anti-dumping duty are temporarily classified according to the following HS codes: 7604.10.10; 7604.10.90; 7604.21.90; 7604.29.10; 7604.29.90.

Hs code Description MFN ACFTA1
Chapter 76 Aluminum and aluminum products
7604 Aluminium bars, rods and profiles.
760410 – Of aluminium, not alloyed:
76041010 – – Bars and rods 5 0
76041090 – – Other 10 0
760421 – – – – Hollow profiles:
– Aluminum alloy:
76042190 – – – Other 10 0
760429 – – Other
76042910 – – – Extruded bars and rods 5 0
76042990 – – – Other 10 0

The Ministry of Industry and Trade may amend and supplement the list of HS codes of goods subject to temporary anti-dumping tax to suit the description of the goods subject to investigation and other changes (if any).

2.Countries producing / exporting goods are subject to temporary anti-dumping duties

Goods subject to temporary anti-dumping duty are goods originating from the People’s Republic of China (China).

3.Tax rate and list of companies are applied for temporary anti-dumping measure

Nos Manufacturer/ Exporter Relating Trading company Temporary anti-dumping tax rate
Column 1 Column  2 Column 3
1 Guangdong Xingfa Aluminium Co., Ltd


Xingfa Aluminium (Chengdu) Co., Ltd

Foshan Xingfa Trading Co., Ltd 2,46%
Guangxi Forde Imp.&Exp. Co., Ltd
Guangzhou Kaili Import&Export Trading Co., Ltd
Pingxiang City Hefa Trade Co., Ltd
2 Guangdong JMA Aluminium Profile Factory (Group) Co., Ltd

Foshan JMA Aluminium Co., Ltd

JMA (HK) Company Limited 8,40%
3 Guangxi Baoxin Aluminium Co., Ltd Pingxiang Huashao Import&Export Trade Co., Ltd 35,58%
4 Goomax Metal Co., Ltd Fujian Quanzhou

Shengchuang Trading Company

5 Linqu Hengxin Aluminium Co., Ltd 19,07%
6 Guangxi Aomei Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd 12,65%
7 Guangxi Yangli Aluminium Co., Ltd 20,06%
8 Foshan Sanshui Fenglu Aluminium Company Limited 35,58%
9 Shandong Xinyudong Aluminium Co., Ltd 35,58%
10 Guangdong Weiye Aluminium Factory Group Co., Ltd 11,82%
11 Nanning City Weiweihai Construction Doors and Windows Co., Ltd 18,09%
12 Alnan Aluminium Co., Ltd 35,58%
13 Guangxi Yalong Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd 26,74%
14 Pingguo Jianfeng Aluminium Company Limited 34,15%
15 Linqu Lude Industry and Trade Co., Ltd 20,59%
16 Huachang Aluminum Factory Co., Ltd. Weichang Aluminum Hong Kong Limited 35,58%
17 Other companies 35,58%

4.Validity and duration of application of temporary anti-dumping tax

a) Effect

The temporary anti-dumping duty takes effect after 07 (seven) days from the date of the Decision on temporary application of anti-dumping duty is issued.

b) Application period

Temporary anti-dumping measures have a term of 120 (one hundred and twenty) days from the date of the Decision on application of effective measures (except when extended under the provisions of Clause 1, Article 81 of the Law). Foreign trade management No. 05/2017 / QH14).

5.Inspection procedures and dossiers and application of temporary anti-dumping taxes

Step 1: Check the Certificate of Origin (C / O)

– Case 1: If C / O cannot be presented, the temporary anti-dumping tax rate of 35.58% shall apply.

– Case 2: If C / O is presented from other countries and territories other than China, it is not required to pay temporary anti-dumping tax.

– Case 3: If you can issue C / O from China, go to Step 2.

Step 2: Check the quality certificate (original) of the manufacturing company (mill-test certificate) or equivalent documents (original) proving the manufacturer’s name (hereinafter referred to as Certificate production company)

– Case 1: If the production company certificate cannot be presented with the name of the company mentioned in Column 1, Article 3 of this Notice, the temporary anti-dumping tax rate is 35.58%.

– Case 2: If a production company certificate is presented but does not coincide with the names of manufacturing companies in Column 1, Article 3 of this Notice, the temporary anti-dumping duty shall be paid to 35.58. %

– Case 3: If you can produce a certificate of a manufacturing company that matches the name of the companies mentioned in Column 1, Article 3 of this Notice, go to Step 3.

Step 3: Check the export company name

– Case 1: If the name of the exporting company (based on the purchase contract and commercial invoice) coincides with the name of the manufacturing, exporting company in Column 1 or the corresponding trading company in the horizontal line In Column 2, the corresponding tax shall be paid in the horizontal row in Column 3, Article 3 of this Notice.

– Case 2: If the name of the exporting company (based on the contract of purchase and sale of goods and commercial invoice) does not coincide with the names of the manufacturing and exporting companies in Column 1 or similar trading companies. According to the horizontal row in Column 2, Article 3 of this Notice, the temporary anti-dumping tax rate is 35.58%.

6. Sequences

After the Ministry of Industry and Trade issues a decision to apply the temporary anti-dumping duty, the Investigation Agency will conduct further steps, specifically as follows:

– On-site verification;

– Public Consultation Session;

– Submit the final draft of conclusion of investigation to the related party for comments;

– Issuing the final investigation conclusion.

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