Vietnam’s Free trade Agreement as of May 2019

In the context of global economic integration, expanding trade liberalization, the wave of signing of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) is becoming strong all over the world and becomes a new trend  in international economic relations. In recent years, Vietnam has made great efforts and actively participated in signing many FTAs, opening up many opportunities for socio-economic development.

List of FTAs as below:

No. FTA Status Parties
FTAs in effect
1 AFTA Effective since 1993 ASEAN
2 ACFTA Effective since 2003 ASEAN, China
3 AKFTA Effective since 2007 ASEAN, South Korea
4 AJCEP Effective since 2008 ASEAN, Japan
5 VJEPA Effective since 2009 Vietnam, Japan
6 AIFTA Effective since 2010 ASEAN, India
7 AANZFTA Effective since 2010 ASEAN, Australia , New Zealand
8 VCFTA Effective since 2014 Vietnam, Chile
9 VKFTA Effective since 2015 Vietnam, South Korea
10 VN – EAEU FTA Effective since 2016 Vietnam, Russia, Belarus, Amenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan
11 CPTPP (previously known as TPP) Effective since 30/12/2018, came into effect in Vietnam since 14/01/2019 Vietnam, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia
Signed FTAs, not yet in effect
12 AHKFTA Signed in November 2017 ASEAN, Hongkong (China)
FTAs with concluded negotiations, not yet signed
13 EVFTA Negotiations concluded in February 2016 Vietnam, EU (28 members)
FTAs under negotiation
14 RCEP Negotiations commenced in March 2013 ASEAN, China, South Korea, Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand
15 Vietnam  – EFTA FTA Negotiations commenced in May 2012 Vietnam, EFTA (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein)
16 Vietnam – Israel FTA Negotiations commenced in December 2015 Vietnam, Israel

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