Importation of goods from the Lao People’s Democratic Republic at the tariff-rate quota of 0%

The Minister of Industry and Trade promulgates the Circular no. 56/2015/TT-BCT regulating the importation of goods from the Lao People’s Democratic Republic at the tariff-rate quota of 0%.

Lists of goods and tariff-rate quotas on annual imports

– The annual import tariff –rate quota of 0% shall be granted to two articles namely: rice and tobacco imported from the Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

– Codes of goods and the total annual tariff-rate quota for imports eligible for the tax rate of 0% are presented in the Appendix hereof.

Conditions for grant of the tariff-rate quota of 0%

-Imports must have their Certificate of Origin (C/O form S) granted by competent authorities of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

-The procedure for import of goods shall be settled at customs checkpoints according to the descendingly automatic deduction principle (the total imports free from import tax deducts (-) the total imports of each article).

-Vietnamese traders are allowed to import rice of all kinds according to the tariff-rate quota.

-With regard to tobacco, only Vietnamese traders who obtain permits for import of tobacco according to tariff-rate quota granted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade

Entry into Force

This Circular comes into effect from January 01, 2016

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