Detail Import requirement of Shampoo (Cosmetic) in Vietnam

Cosmetics are typical items, under the management of the Drug Administration – Ministry of Health. Therefore, before importing cosmetics into Vietnam, Enterprises need to make Cosmetics Product Proclamation according to Circular 06/2011 / TT-BYT.

This Cosmetics Product Proclamation is valid for 5 years from the date of issuance of the Cosmetics Product Proclamation form as the form below:

What is cosmetic announcement? What is procedure of  Cosmetics Product Proclamation? Please see here:

Please be noted that shampoo products need to do Cosmetics Product Proclamation before importing goods to Vietnam.

1. Procedures for importing shampoo: HS code and import tax

HS code of shampoo: 33051090.

Detail of import tax (2019)
Type of tax Tax rate (%) Countries are not entitled to incentives Legal
Normal import tax Decision 45/2017 / QD-TTg
Preferential import tax (WTO) 15 Decree 125/2017 / ND-CP
V.a.t tax 10 Circular 83/2014 / TT-BTC
Export tax Decree 125/2017 / ND-CP
Special preferential import tax
ACFTA (ASEAN – TRUNG QUỐC) 0 KH, ID, MY Decree 153/2017 / ND-CP
ATIGA (ASEAN – VIỆT NAM) 0 Decree 156/2017 / ND-CP
AANZFTA (ASEAN – ÚC – NIUDILÂN) 3 Decree 158/2017 / ND-CP
AIFTA (ASEAN – ẤN ĐỘ) 12,5 Decree 159/2017 / ND-CP
VJEPA (VIỆT NAM – NHẬT BẢN) 0 Decree 155/2017 / ND-CP
AJCEP (ASEAN – NHẬT BẢN) 8 Decree 160/2017 / ND-CP
AKFTA (ASEAN – HÀN QUỐC) 0 KH, MY Decree 157/2017 / ND-CP
VKFTA (VIỆT NAM – HÀN QUỐC) 0 Decree 149/2017 / ND-CP
VCFTA (VIỆT NAM – CHI LÊ) 17 Decree 154/2017 / ND-CP

2. Shampoo import procedures: Customs clearance

After having Cosmetics Product Proclamation for shampoo, goods arrived at port, or airport. The declarer implements e-customs declaration. Usually, cosmetic products are controlled to compare the actual goods with the Cosmetics Product Proclamation that match or not.

Please be noted when using Cosmetics Product Proclamation to make customs procedures:

The composition of products changes by month and year. Before each new shipment, the enterprise need to check whether the product components have changed or not?

If there is a change, it is necessary to make Cosmetics Product Proclamation for new products for avoiding the case that the customs propose to open container for inspection when the goods arrive at the port.

If the ingredient on the original label of the product does not match on Cosmetics Product Proclamation. Enterprises will be subject to an administrative fine of 30 to 50 million VND. Within 30 days from the date of sanction, the Enterprise must supplement the new Cosmetics Product Proclamation. If within 30 days, the enterprise does not submit a new Proclamation, the customs will conduct re-export procedures.

Dossiers of customs procedures include:

Invoice, packing list: Copy (sign, stamp, title and seal: Copy original)

Bill (Bill of Lading): Original bill, or telex bill, surrender bill (snapshot)

Sea freight bills and CIC invoices at Hai Phong and Cat Lai ports: in case of purchasing FOB prices

Invoice at the export port: In case of buying Exw price

Receipt of Cosmetics Product Proclamation:

  • Copy of Cosmetics Product Proclamation in case of publication made from January 1/2016.
  •  In cases published from 2012 and 2013, enterprises need to present Cosmetics Product Proclamation and copies for customs officers to check the authenticity of the dossiers.
  • Since 2016, implementing online cosmetics announcement, so the company presents a snapshot. In case of necessity, customs officers will ask for the ID and password to log in to the 1-door system and check the original on the system.

These are the most necessary documents for customs clearance. After the full presentation of documents, the customs will check and clear the declaration at the time of customs clearance.

If the declared price is too low, the enterprise will be asked to consult the price, or transfer the post-customs clearance dossier.

Above are some problems that businesses need to pay attention to procedures for importing shampoo in particular, cosmetic import procedures in general.

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