Third Party Invoicing CO Form E


We import from company A in china, company B is a manufacturer in china, A and B are parent companies. In China they just changed CO form E. Box No. 1 shows that the exporter is company A like on the bill, invoice and packing. Box 7 indicates the manufacturer as B, box 9 indicates volume, not FOB price. So, we would like to ask such CO is valid or not ?

Answer :

‘Pursuant to Appendix III issued with the Circular No. 12/2019 / TT-BCT dated July 30, 2019 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade stipulating the rules of origin of goods in ACFTA (takes effect from September 12 2019).

C / O form E must be declared in English and typed. The content of the declaration must conform to the customs declaration that has completed the customs procedures and other documents such as bill of lading, commercial invoice and goods origin inspection record (in case of requesting inspection. ). The contents of declaration of C / O form E are as follows:

2. Box 1:. Products consigned from (Exporter’s business name,
address, country)
8. Box 7. Number and type of packages, description of products (including quantity where appropriate andHS number in six digit code)
10. Box 9: Gross weight or net weight or other quantity, and value (FOB) only when RVC criterion is applied.

Therefore, the criteria are required to declare correctly and fully according to the above guidance are accepted and considered for application of special preferential tax rates.

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