Origin self-certification is not applied to goods imported from export processing zones

Official letter No. 4112/GSQL-GQ4 dated October 10th, 2019 of the General Department of Vietnam Customs regarding issues relating to certificate of origin

According to Circular No. 28/2015/TT-BCTstatus2 (which has been amended, supplemented at Circular No. 27/2017/TT-BCT), the origin self-certification is just piloted with regard to goods imported among member countries that signed the Memorandum of Understanding dated August 29th, 2012, including: Vietnam, Laos, Philippines , Indonesia and Cambodia

Accordingly, during the pilot, only goods imported from the aforesaid member countries into Vietnam are eligible for origin self-certification in the form of declaration of origin on commercial invoice as the replacement for the C/O form D.

As the result, in case an inland enterprise buys goods from an export processing enterprise, these goods are imported from export processing zone to the inland market rather than goods imported from the aforesaid member countries, they are not eligible to apply the origin self-certification.

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