Information on export issues of Medical Face Masks

In order to comply with the spirit of the Government’s Resolution 20, creating favorable conditions for the export of cloth masks and intensifying the prevention of fraudulent acts as recommended by the Ministry of Health, the General Department of Customs shall issue official dispatches. 2012 / TCHQ-GSQL instructed Customs Departments of provinces and cities to check export masks.

  • Accordingly, the General Department of Customs assigns the Risk Management Department, the Customs Departments of provinces and cities to assess risks only to select shipments that are suspected of actual inspection of goods, especially shipments are exported by Exporter who is not a manufacturer.
  • During the physical inspection of goods, customs officer shall directly observe goods, if there are not enough signs according to the standards of medical masks TCVN8389-2010, customs clearance shall be carried out.
  • In case of observing signs showing standards, but declared as a mask (other than a medical mask), take the inspection sample at the Department of Medical Equipment and Construction – Ministry of Health or other assessment organizations where meet the conditions for medical face mask assessment as prescribed.

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