Allocation of Vietnam import tariff quotas of salt and poultry eggs in 2022

The Minister of Industry and Trade issued a Circular no. 24/2021/TT-BCT regulating  in-quota quantities and rules for administration of tariff quotas for import of salt and poultry eggs in 2022  (effective from February 1, 2022 to the end of December 31, 2022.).

– For chicken eggs (HS codes 0407.21.00 and 0407.90.10), duck eggs, swans (HS code 0407.29.10 and 0407.90.20), and other (HS code 0407.29.90 and 0407.90.90) is 63.860 dozen (commercial eggs without embryos).

– For salt (HS code 2501), it is 80,000 tons.

-For Raw material of tobacco: 65,156 ton

Subjects assigned to import tariff quotas

Salt: Tariff quotas on imports of salt are assigned to traders directly using salt as raw materials for chemical production and as raw materials for the production of drugs and medical products.

Poultry eggs: Salt: Tariff quotas on imports of poultry eggs are assigned to traders with Certificates of Business registration, Certificates of Enterprise registration that have import demands.

Tariff quotas on import of raw tobacco are assigned to traders who have a license to produce cigarettes issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and have a need to use imported raw tobacco for cigarette production.

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