Cumulation origin with fabric from Korea in EVFTA

VITAS has issued an official letter No. 83 / CV-HHDM dated July 27, 2020, request Department of Import-Export , Ministry of Industry and Trade to explain to enterprises the following contents:

  1. Which countries in Vietnam can apply   cumulation of origin  in EVFTA ?
  2. When will Vietnam apply the rule of cumulation of origin ?
  3. Regulations on import and export procedures, customs and tariffs

The reply of the Import-Export Department under MOIT No. 0864 / XNK-XXHH dated August 7, 2020 follows:

  1. the clause of cumulation origin with fabric from Korea  will NOT be applied from August 1, 2020 when the EVFTA Agreement comes into force in Vietnam. The reason is that the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam has to wait for the confirmation of the Korean government’s approval of this cumulative term and then report to the EU for acceptance.
    However, the time to get confirmation from both South Korea and the EU has not been determined.
  2. Regarding cumulation of origin for raw fabrics from other countries such as Japan or ASEAN. The accumulation of some materials with third countries excepting Korea (for example Japan or some ASEAN countries) is only applicable when the parties come to agreement under the provisions of Clauses 12 and 13, Article 13 of the Protocol no. 01. However, at present, the Ministry of Industry and Trade does not have specific results of communication with those countries (Japan, ASEAN… and EU) on this matter .

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