Where/how to check/search for import tax, export tax of product in Vietnam?

In order check/ search for import and export tax of item, product, commodity in Vietnam, you can use two websites below:

Step 1: Check/determine HS Code (Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System) of product.

Step 2: Search for import and export tax on below websites (the websites are just Vietnamese version. So you should use translation by google for your convenience ):


– Preferential import tax  (MFN) is applicable for Imports originating from a country, group of countries or territories that exercise most favored nation (MFN) treatment in trade relations with Vietnam; (Currently, there are over 172 countries having MFN agreements with Vietnam)

– Special preferential tax rates (FTAs) is applicable to goods Imports originating from a country, group of countries or territories that have FTA with Vietnam.

-Ordinary import tax applicable to imported goods not falling into the cases 1 and 2 above.


To start looking up HS codes, customers can Directly access at the link https://khoinghiep.thuvienphapluat.vn/tra-cuu-ma-hs.htm

Enter HS codes in the box <Search> => Enter / Lookup

Example: Enter “08081000”

It will show tax rate details as below:


To start looking up HS codes, you can directly access at the link https://caselaw.vn/tra-cuu-ma-hs . You will immediately see the search text box in the image below.

If you already know a specific HS code and you want to look up other relevant information, enter the HS code of the goods in the search box, it is best to enter enough 8-digit HS code for the most accurate results.

After clicking on any one HS code in the list of search results, a new window displaying all details of a HS commodity code will be displayed. It may take about 1-2 minutes to see all the HS code information.

You can download Excel files of tariff schedule at Vietnamthings.com at Folder : Tariff in Vietnam

The latest schedule shall be always updated .


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