How to make license for importing printer (Hs code: 8443)

Legal basis:

Pursuant to:

  • Document 01 / VBHN-BTTTT (2018) in this document specifies a number of issues regarding the authority of the Publishing, Printing and Publishing Department, the provincial Department of Information and Communications, and the application form for import licenses. , please ask for an operational declaration ….
  • Decree No. 25/2018 / ND-CP(amending and supplementing Decree No. 60/2014 / ND-CP) regulating procedures,procedures and dossiers for granting import licenses of printing equipment.
  • Circular 22/2018 / TT-BTTTT(amending and supplementing Circular 41/2016 / TT-BTTTT) stipulating the list of printing equipment  required for import permit  by HS code.

So before importing printing equipment, trader must apply for a license to import printing equipment at the Publication, Printing and Publishing Department (

Printing devices must be licensed for import:

  • The printer uses offset (flex), flexo, copper tube printing technology; screen printer (silk);
  • Color photocopier, printer has color photocopy function.

Please see list of HS code of printer must be licensed:

Subjects allowed to import printing equipment

Printing facility;

  • Enterprises have the function of importing and exporting printing equipment according to law provisions;
  • Other agencies and organizations have legal person status and are allowed to use printing equipment for internal affairs.

Dossier should be prepared

  • Application for import license in the prescribed form;
  • Catalog (catalog) of each type of printing device;
  • Business registration certificate or investment certificate
  • Import dossier set: contract, invoice packing list, bill

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