Inspection and assessment of C/O issuing bodies are strengthened

The Government has just promulgated the Resolution No. 119/NQ-CP regarding several urgent measures to strengthen regulatory authority over prevention and control of frauds of origin of goods and illegal transshipment of goods.
Pursuant to the Resolution, the Government demands that Ministry of Finance intensify inspection, assessment and supervision of C/O issuing bodies to ensure their strict compliance with regulations on origin of goods, including the following tasks:

  • Carry out regular inspection and assessment of C/O-issuing bodies (even including those issuing preferential C/Os and non-preferential C/Os) to ensure their strict compliance with regulations on origin of goods;
  • Strengthen cooperation between C/O-issuing bodies in exchange of information; boost up providing C/O issuing officers with technical and professional instructions, etc. in order to facilitate verification of origin of goods if required;
  • Regularly oversee and update information and data about C/O issuance activities in order to detect any suspicious signs; etc.

The Resolution No. 119/NQ-CP is promulgated on December 31, 2019.

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