Instruction on box .7 of all kind of CO FORM

On 31 Jan 2020, General Customs Department of Vietnam issued letter no. 575/TCHQ-GSQL regarding Instruction on box .7 of all kind of CO FORM. The content is as below:

General customs received question from Customs Departments of provinces and cities and enterprises about problems of box no.07 on all kind of CO form. Accordingly, information at box 7  on Co form E and other form , when declaring accumulating  all different goods lines regarding size, capacity, model, code………… and not detailing as goods mentioned in commercial invoice or other invoices in customs dossier but total quantity and  weight of goods on CO  similar with information in commercial invoice and related dossier. Based on comment of MOIT at letter no.0050-XNK-XXHH dated 15 Jan 2019, General Department of Vietnam Customs has some comments as below:

In case of imported goods has same name, same HS code, same origin criteria but different about size, capacity, model, code/sign ……… and at box 7 on CO, it declares gathering all goods line, that does not affect validity of CO.

Customs Departments of provinces and cities is requested to check and compare CO and document of goods lot ( in case of necessary, check actual good on site) to determine name, quantity , weight of goods on CO in compliance with customs dossier and actual goods for consideration and application of preferential tax as regulation.

In case the goods is different from origin criteria, it must declare specifically according to name of good.  It can not gather or accumulate at one line.

General customs inform to Customs Departments of provinces and cities for acknowledge and implementation.

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