Summary of Vietnam’s FTAs as of May 2021

Summary of Vietnam’s FTAs as of May 2021. for download.

Vietnam is very active in negotiating and signing bilateral and multilateral FTAs. Up to now, Vietnam has officially joined and signed the implementation. As of May 2021, Vietnam has 14 FTAs in effect and is currently negotiating 01 FTAs.

  Effective FTA   
1AFTAEffective since 1993ASEAN
2ACFTAEffective since 2003ASEAN, China
3AKFTAEffective from 2007ASEAN, South Korea
4AJCEPEffective from 2008ASEAN, Japan
5VJEPAEffective from 2009Vietnam, Japan
6AIFTAEffective from 2010ASEAN, India
7AANZFTAEffective from 2010ASEAN, Australia, New Zealand
8VCFTAEffective from 2014Vietnam, Chile
9VKFTAEffective from 2015Vietnam, Korea
10VN – EAEU FTAEffective from 2016Vietnam, Russia, Belarus, Amenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

(The precursor is TPP)
Valid from December 30, 2018, effective in Vietnam from January 14, 2019Vietnam, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Brunei and Malaysia
12AHKFTAValid for Hong Kong (China), Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam from June 11, 2019ASEAN, Hong Kong (China)
 13EVFTAEffective from 01/08/2020Vietnam, EU (27 members)
 14 UKVFTAEffective temporarily from 01/01/2021, officially effective from 01/05/2021Vietnam, United Kingdom
  FTA signed but not yet taken effect   
15RCEPSigned on  15/11/2020ASEAN, China, Korea, Japan
Edition, Australia, New Zealand
  FTA is negotiating   
16Việt Nam  – EFTA FTAStarting negotiations in May 2012ASEAN, China, Korea, Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, EFTA (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein)
17Việt Nam – Israel FTAStarting negotiations in December 2015Vietnam, Israel

Source: Center for WTO and Integration

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