May 26, 2022

Key content of OL no. 2669/TCHQ-GSQL May 31, 2021 regarding Self-certification of origin in Electronic format in the EVFTA and CPTPP:

  1. For import shipments with REX codes valued at more than 6000 Euros under the provisions of the EVFTA Agreement and for imported shipments under the provisions of the CPTPP Agreement, Customs authorities accept self-certification of origin electronically issued and sent to the importer on the common management system of the same corporation or sent through other electronic methods. These forms of self-certification of origin are submitted to the customs authority by the customs declarant in the form of an attachment to the import customs declaration through the e-customs data processing system.
  2. Customs authority does not require customs declarant to submit self-certification of origin in paper format of CPTPP and EVFTA if these documents have been attached by the customs declarant on the electronic data processing system.
  3. The customs authority shall check the self-certification of origin submitted by the customs declarant on the system to determine the origin of goods according to regulations.
[Image: 210531%2B-%2BCV%2B2669_GSQL_haiquanvietnam_01.jpg]

[Image: 210531%2B-%2BCV%2B2669_GSQL_haiquanvietnam_02.jpg]

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