Vietnam importing silicone rubber nipple

Question : Can you check tax 2021 and Hs code of silicone rubber nipple?


1.Regarding the classification of goods:

Nursing nipples of silicone (sometimes called silicone rubber) classified in heading 39.24, code 3924.90.90.

Pacifiers or “baby’s dummies” of silicone, for suckling or play, classified in heading 39.26, code 3926.90.99.

2.Regarding tax

– Nursing nipples of silicone 3924.90.90: MFN=22%, Form Ak=Vk=5%, Form E, D, VJAANZ,CTPP= 0% ; FORM AJ=5%, FORM VC=15%,
– Pacifiers or “baby’s dummies” of silicone 3926.90.99: MFN=12%, Form Ak=VK=0%, Form D, EAV,CTPTPP , VJ and AANZ = 0%, Form Ạ=3%. Form VC =4%., Form AI =24%

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