Vietnam imposes official anti-dumping tax on Chinese imported cold rolled steel products

On December 21, 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued Decision No. 3390 / QD-BCT on the application of official anti-dumping measures (anti-dumping) for some cold rolled (cold pressed) steel products in coils. or plate originating from the People’s Republic of China.

Goods subject to anti-dumping measures

Cold-rolled (cold-pressed) carbon steel products in rolls or sheets, alloy or non-alloy, flat rolled, less than 1,600mm wide, 0.108mm to 2.55mm thick, annealed or not annealed, covered or coated with inorganic substance or not covered or coated.

 Current commodity code (HS code): 7209.16.10; 7209.16.90; 7209.17.10; 7209.17.90; 7209.18.91; 7209.18.99; 7209.26.10; 7209.26.90; 7209.27.10; 7209.27.90; 7209.28.10; 7209.28.90; 7209.90.90; 7211.23.20; 7211.23.30; 7211.23.90; 7211.29.20; 7211.29.30; 7211.29.90; 7225.50.90.

The above-mentioned cold-rolled steel if it satisfies one of the following cases is NOT within the scope of application of anti-dumping measures:

– Cold-rolled stainless steel; 1

– Silicon electroplated steel (electrical engineering steel);

– Black steel sheet (black corrugated iron) rolled for tin coating;

– Steel wind;

– Corrugated steel;

– Cold rolled steel is coated.

The Period  for application of anti-dumping measures

The Period  for the official application of anti-dumping tax is 05 (five) years from 28 December 2020.

 List of manufacturers and exporters subject to anti-dumping measures and corresponding anti-dumping tax rates

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