Where to apply online for a import license of medical equipment in Vietnam?

Currently, the application for import permits for medical equipment can be implemented online. However, there are 2 public service websites that have “permit to import medical equipment.

1: https://vnsw.gov.vn/

This page is the national single-window customs page applicable to the license applied for business and commercial purposes (according to Circular 30/2015 / TT-BYT)

2: https://dmec.moh.gov.vn/

This page applies to procedures for applying for medical equipment import permits under Decree 36/2016 / ND-CP, including cases of issuance import permits for the following purposes:

  • Purposes of humanitarian medical examination and treatment, aid and humanitarian aid
  • Personal healing purposes
  • Purpose of scientific research, testing, training, and special diagnosis by medical establishments

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